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We are the people who dive to the bottom of the ocean, who battle with sharks and the kraken himself, who worship poseiden and live strictly by superstition and we do all this to bring you the the most treasured of all seafood… the king scallop. These babies are juicy, firm and packed full of protein and flavour! But most importantly of all, they are diver picked, therefore leave no footprint on the environment and we cause no damage to the important habitat on the sea floor. Plus diving is seriously cool…!!


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Why we dive for scallops?

Diving for scallops is not easy work, but it is the only method that completely eliminates bycatch and damage to the environment. Our small team of local divers hand collect King Scallops from local seas meaning we are able to pick up only the adult scallops and leave the smaller ones in the water where they belong. This works well for ensuring only the best quality scallops are sent out to customers and encouraging the natural growth of stock. We only take what we need and leave nothing but bubbles! 

We believe in being environmentally responsible whilst still providing the best quality produce at good prices. If you share any of our beliefs, or just our love of delicious King Scallops – why not give your local sustainable shellfish a try?

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